Motoscope Light



The motoscope light is a compact, light and reliable digital multi-purpose gauge.
motoscope light stands for a wealth of features in a compact, accurate and attractively designed gauge.


The casing

The high-quality aluminium casing is machined from a solid block and anodized in black or silver. A mirror polished variant is also available. The casing is well-sealed and protects the electronics parts against weather, water and dust.


LED and LC Display

Engine speed is easy to determine via the illuminated bargraph of 39 ultra bright LEDs. A light sensing diode governs the brightness of the LEDs according to the ambient light brightness. The precise engine speed can also be displayed numerically on the LCD panel. The upper threshold ('red zone') can be set manually and is indicated by a single ultra bright red LED on the rev counter bargraph.
The permanent background illumination and large numerics of the LCD panel provide outstanding readability.



Displays are swapped via the menu and headlight flasher push-buttons.
By default, the display displays the current speed. Different measurement readings can be displayed if needed by the push of a button.
Default settings or saved values will of course be preserved even if the power is cut.



The compact dimensions and its unobtrusive, elegant design allow the motoscope light to be mounted onto virtually every available motorbike. Three threaded mounting holes (M4) on the back side ensure a stable mount.


Sensors and Cables

Simple wiring and the detailed installation and operating instructions ensure hassle free implementation of the device.
The connector cable is approx. 55 cm in length and is in most cases sufficient to reach the respective connection points. The engine speed measurement cable is easily connected to the ignition coil or ignition box.
The included reed contact for speed measurement and mileometer is connected i. e. to the front fork.


Parts delivered

motoscope light with approx. 55 cm connector cable, speed sensor M5 x 0,5 fine-pitch thread (stainless steel, IP67) with 150 cm connector cable, 2 magnets, connector kit (6 pin), mini push-button, fuse, detailed installation and operating instructions.




Specifications and Features

Length, Height, Depth: 120 x 57 x 30 mm,
Weight: approx. 215 g
Power consumption during operation: 140 - 400 mA (max.)
Power consumption in standby: 0 mA
Operating voltage: 9 - 18 V
Operating temperature: -15... + 50 °C


Feature Measuring range
Rev counter (LED bargraph)  0 – 8, 10, 14 krpm
Speedometer 0 – 350 km/h or mi/h
Trip meter  999 km or mi max.
Total km freely adjustable, 250,000 km or mi max.
rpm threshold  0– 20.000 rpm
Rev counter (on LCD) 0 – 20.000 rpm
Journey time display 0 – 99:99:99 h/min/s
On-board voltage  9V – 18 V
Current acceleration  (-15.0) – 15.0 m/s2
Average speed  0 – 350 km/h or mi/h
Timekeeping from   0 to 100 km/h0.0 s – 99.9 s
Max. speed 0 – 350 km/h or mi/h
Max. rpm  0 – 14,000 rpm
max. positive acceleration 0– 15.0 m/s2
max. negative acceleration  0 – (-15.0) m/s2
Switched power outputmax.  2 A
Gear indicator 1-6, displayed next to the speed if activated


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