mst vintage


The mst vintage is a small, analogue speedometer with a brass bezel in an appealing 'old school' look

The design is different, but technically it is identical to the motoscope tiny. The dial is based on the streamline design of the 40's and 50's. Additionally, it features a yellowed and cracky surface giving the dial its extremely aged look.

The bezel and indicator are made from solid brass and have been manually coated with patina. The created patterns and signs of aging vary with each instrument and give it an individual and unique look.

There is a special matching Streamline Cup available for the mst Vintage - made from solid brass with a patina. Refer to "Mounting".

All further properties and specifications of this instrument are identical with the motoscope tiny.


Specifications and Features

Mounting diameter: 49 mm

Weight: approx. 110 g

Mount: 2 x M3 threaded hole

Power consumption, operating: approx. 200 mA (load dependent)

Operating voltage: 9 V - 15 V

Operating temperature: -20... +80 °C

Feature   Measuring range
Speedometer, analogue (indicator)   0 – 200 km/h or mi/h
Speedometer, numeric (LED display)  200 – 999 km/h or mi/h
Max. speed   0 – 999 km/h or mi/h
On-board voltage   9 – 15 V
Clock   00:00 – 23:59
Trip meter   0 – 999.9 km or mi
Total distance (adjustable).   99999 km or mi max.
Indicator lights   turn signal, high beam, neutral, hazard ligh



motogadget vintage speedo
mst vintage with brass bezel (49mm analog speedo)