SureShift gear position Indicator


The SureShift by motogadget is a digital gear position indicator with two-stage gear shift flash. 

The SureShiftcan be connected to an original electronic speedo sensor. A Dry-Reed contact to sense the speed at the rotating wheels is also included for older bikes. Additionally you need a engine speed signal from the ignition coil or ignition/ECU.
With a teach-function the transmission specs are recognized from the gear indicator and the display shows the used gear 1 to 6.
No mechanical switches necessary.
The two-stage shift light is triggered by an adjustable threshold rpm. Also you can activate an additional rpm circle display. The user get's a better feeling when is reached a critical value.

The Housing
The high quality billet housing is CNC-machined and the surface black anodized or mirror polished. The electronic components inside the housing are completely potted and protected against water, dirt and vibration.
The SureShift can be easily installed with two threaded holes at the backside.
The compact dimension of only 33mm diameter and 14,5mm height makes it a ideal accessory to every vehicle

The Display
The especially developed LED display is a novelty for a gear indicator.  It displays the digits normally or inverted and is the shift light lamp at the same time when all LEDs are flashing. 37 ultra bright, red LEDs shaping this display.
To get a good readability by night, darkness, sunlight and dawn the brightness is controlled and adapted automatically by a sensor.

Wiring and Compatibility
If you have a transistorized ignition or ECU (negative ignition signal, 98% of all street bikes)  the signal is compatible. If you have a Capacitor Discharge Ignition you need an additional ignition signal pickup.
The speedo signal usually can be used from motorbikes with electronic speedo sensor. If this is not available or not compatible you can use the included Dry-Reed contact.
The simple wiring and a detailed installation manual makes the wiring possible also for less skilled users.


Specifications and Features

Technical specs

Diameter:  33 mm
Cable length:   Approx. 55 cm
Weight with cable:   Approx. 31 g
Installation:  2 x M3 threaded holes
Current during use:  about 200 mA (depends on load)
Operating voltage:  7 V - 18 V
Operating temperature:  -20°... +80°C


Gear position indicator:  N for neutral/idle, gears 1 to 6
Shift light:  2 stages, adjustable


Item Included
SureShift with about 55 cm cable, push button mini, speedo sensor M5 x 0,5 fine-pitch thread with 150 cm cable, 2 strong Neodymium magnets, 2 bolts M3 with washers, plug connector, detailed manual.


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